Powerful. Flexible. Lovely.

What is Ophereus?

Orphereus is a modular imageboard engine with a broad set of features:

  • Flexible system of tags and filters
  • Pluggable architecture
  • Multiple attachments
  • Full-text search support
  • Private mode: invitation required to join
  • AJAX
  • Extended security
  • Highly-customizable appearance
  • Improved analogue of tripcodes — prooflabels
  • News and statistics modules
  • Advanced administrative abilities
  • Maintenance subsystem
  • Internationalization
  • And many others...
Working example of an Orphereus-based imageboard.

Orphereus is based on:
  • Python — great programming language
  • Pylons — powerful web framework
  • SQLAlchemy — powerful database abstraction layer


OS Linux, Solaris, FreeBSD and Windows — any OS supported by Python
Database SQLite, MySQL, Postgres, MS-SQL and Oracle are officially supported.
Also Orphereus may work with another SQLAlchemy compatible databases (such as Firebird, MaxDB, MS Access, Sybase, Informix or IBM DB2) but we can't give you any promises about them.
Web server Any WSGI, SCGI or reverse proxy compatible web server. Tested on Apache, nginx and lighttpd.
Additional information can be found in readme.txt located inside the Orphereus distribution.