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How to setup the environment

Linux specific

Perform all steps from the Installation guide, except for "Maintenance" and "Web server integration". Note that you must not try to use the automatic installation.

Windows specific

Download and install the following software:

  1. MySQL or PostgreSQL
  2. Python. We recommend Python(x,y) distribution.
  3. Database driver: mysql-python for MySQL or psycopg2 for PostgreSQL
  4. Python Imaging Library
  5. SimpleParse
  6. mxTextTools

Download ez_setup.py and install it as described in the Installation guide Execute the following commands to install required libraires from PyPI repository:

  1. > easy_install mutagen
  2. > easy_install pycaptcha

If some of these commands fail, download library's sources and install them via

> python setup.py install

How to setup the IDE

You can use any text editor to edit sources, but we recommend Eclipse IDE with PyDev extensions.

The guide below describes the configuration process for Eclipse 3.4.2 (Ganymede)

  1. If you are using Windows, download and install Eclipse Classic, otherwise install Eclipse via your package manager. Note that Eclipse is included into Python(x,y) distribution, so you shouldn't install Eclipse manually if you are using Python(x,y).
  2. Start Eclipse and open the Help->Software updates dialog, then choose the Available Software tab.
  3. Press the Add Site button and enter
  4. Repeat this action for
  5. Tick the checkboxes as seen on the screenshot, press the Install... button and follow the installation wizard's instructions. Restart Eclipse after the installation.
  6. Open Windows->Preferences->Pydev->Interpreter - Python dialog, then press New... button and enter path to python.exe. In Selection Needed dialog just press Ok.
Congratulations! You are ready to work with Orphereus' sources.
  1. Create an empty Pydev project.
  2. Right-click the project's entry in Pydev Package Explorer and select Import... from the menu
  3. In the Import dialog, choose General->File System, then click the Next button and specify directory containing Orphereus sources. Then click Finish. The project will be imported into your Eclipse Workspace.
  4. We don't recommend running Orphereus under Eclipse due to some bugs in Pydev. Use the shell command
    paster serve --reload development.ini
  5. Right-click the project's entry in Pydev Package Explorer and select Properties from the menu.
  6. Select the PyDev - PYTHONPATH item in the menu, then remove all entries from the Project Source Folders list.
  7. Press Add source folder button, then select Orphereus/Orphereus directory and press Ok.
  8. Congratulations! Now you can play with code.